Our Programs

Successful Completion of our Programs:

We have been organizing different programs on various levels and below are the list of programs. You can check out our image gallery for the same and their details.

Physiotherapy Health Awareness Drive

Physiotherapy Awareness & Stress Management Session conducted by Dr. P.S. Khatana Organized by Motherland Hospital & Gurukul THE SCHOOL

Talk Show- Pariksha se Darna Kyun Organized by Apartment Times in Supertech Capetown Noida, Sector 74

Garbhsanskaar session by our trainers

Women Health Awareness Session & Physiotherapy Workshop Conducted at Grand Ajnara Society, Sector 74 Noida

Reformative Blissful Meditation Workshop conducted on Saturday 8th April, 2023.

Psychodynamic’s of Bharatvarsha’s Guru Shishya Tradition’s Yogic Perspective Workshop conducted on Sunday 23rd April, 2023.

Breathful Meditation Workshop conducted on Sunday 30th April, 2023.

Yoga Anatomy Workshop conducted on Saturday 20th May, 2023.

One Day Workshop on INDIC- Studies & Discussion conducted on Saturday 10th June, 2023.

Astrology Workshop conducted on Sunday 2nd July, 2023.

Successful Completion of A Community health Program:

30 Days Yoga Challenge With Certifications

60 Days Yoga Challenge With Certifications